Welcome, consumers. You have just unknowingly embarked on a flavour odyssey of frankly whopping proportions. Forget everything you knew about alcoholic beverages. To drink Toxin is to be enlightened. It’s like having a pow-wow with a really old, bald, and wise monk. Probably.

We're Built Different

We’ve all been there. The tinnies taste weak, but the vodka’s going down like a dodgy kebab on a night out in Swindon. That warm bottle of wine seems about as appetising as systematically inspecting the folds of a pensioner’s scrotum. That’s why we’re offering a new way to quaff grog. (In limited quantities, of course.)

Pick Your Poison

Each can of Toxin contains one of our specially selected three classic flavours. Take your pick of Mighty Mojito (Green), Massive Margarita (Yellow) or, Colossal Cosmo (Pink). Each variant brings that traditional cocktail tang and comes conveniently wrapped in an easy-open aluminium casing.

Conveniently Canned

Being a someone who loves a good night out myself, I naturally understand the unending quest to find the perfect pre-lash liquid. I found the existing selection of canned drinks wholly uninspiring. Boring flavours at exorbitant price points. Nothing represented good value for money. That’s why we created Toxin, with our signature taste, for a reasonably priced double.

Let’s Get Sauced

Toxin is more than a common or garden beveragino. It’s a new way of drinking. One for the pimps, one for the simps, one for the gimps. For the party starters and the cheek clarters. It will change your whole perspective on pres.
So enjoy it. Get out there. And remember to always drink responsibly.
Rufus Rice Signature